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Ciao [Mar. 11th, 2005|09:31 pm]
Mary On A Half Shell

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

My name is Ren, I am 18 years old and a former Catholic.
It may come as a surprise to some, and not so much to others, but the Virgin Mary, actually led me into Paganism and Goddess worship.
As a young girl and devout Catholic, I adored her. She was serenity and strength. However I found her immense contribution to Christianity and religion vastly under rated. When I was upset, I prayed to Mary, and I prayed to Jesus. Mary always seemed to be there more in my mind.
Due to long and complex events leading to my leaving the Church, I bumped around the Religious world, and found the Goddess. Maiden, Mother, Crone.
The Virgin Mary was 2 out of the 3! I found my nitch in the world. I have been thriving on the Goddess Path for almost 6 years, but I have not forgotten Mary. On my Alter I have a statue of the Virgin. I also have a love of Art featuring Mary.
My favorite T-Shirt says "Mary is my Home girl"

I also love the Saints, but that is a different story.
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2005|11:24 am]
Mary On A Half Shell

Once again, a note from Sarah Jane Boss. This time an excerpt from a hymn to Mary from the Ethiopian Church:

O Mary, immensity of heaven,
foundation of the earth,
depth of the seas, light of the sun,
beauty of the moon...
Splendour of the stars in the heavens...
Your womb bore God,
before whose majesty man stands in awe.

(cross posted)
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2005|09:26 am]
Mary On A Half Shell

Portugal mourns woman who said she saw MaryCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2005|11:11 am]
Mary On A Half Shell

[mood |inspired]

"In Mary, we see what God intends us all to be - and more than this, we see what God intends for the whole of creation. If Mary is the Godbearer, then does this not mean the very fabric of the universe in some measure has the capacity to be the dwelling place of Deity? And...the relationship between Mary's Godbearing and the rest of creation is not only a symbolic one. It is because of the solidarity which exists between her and all other things that her conception and gestating of God incarnate can redeem the whole world."

From Mary New Century Theology, chap 2 The Mother of God and the Cosmos, by Sarah Jane Boss. This woman is rocking my world.
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2005|10:57 am]
Mary On A Half Shell

this is a stain on my bedroom ceiling. It measures about two and half feet long by a foot wide. I think it totally looks like the virgin mary. What do you think?

Image Hosted by imagehosting.us

Image Hosted by imagehosting.us
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Tom Robbins as an excellent alternate view on spiritualism and Catholic ritual: [Jan. 25th, 2005|02:43 pm]
Mary On A Half Shell
[music |Songs: Ohia, Blue Factory Flames.]

Tom Robbins' "Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates" is a humorous and all around insightful novel. It contains many references to the saints, the Virgin and Catholic ritual. Furthermore, it investigates a sort of animistic spiritualism, laced with a sardonic humor. If easily offended by potentially sacrilegious ideas, don't consider this novel, although, those of you with an interest in clever perspectives and an all around good read, this may be for you.

Amazon features a "search inside this book" option. If you're so inclined, take a look: Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates.
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stencils? [Jan. 3rd, 2005|04:33 pm]
Mary On A Half Shell

[mood |crawling out of my skin.]
[music |jonah matranga - birthday]

does anyone know of an image of the sacred heart that could be easily made into a stencil, either multi-layer or single? or if you know of a sacred heart stencil already made, that'd be killer as well. i would really like to put it on a shirt, and cant for the life of me find a good image. if you've got anything, i'd appreciate it.
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maria [Dec. 26th, 2004|07:56 am]
Mary On A Half Shell
these were taken at a monastery

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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2004|09:25 pm]
Mary On A Half Shell
[music |"These Days" Nico]

you can file this under: reads too much into things--

there's no kitchen, so how can mary cook christmas dinner?

am i the only one very very upset by this? i mean, she just gave birth...in a barn...by herself. and now she's got a bunch of people coming to oggle and she's got to be all milk and water about it all.
fuck that.

my virgin mary is fierce, alert to danger, wild. she stares levelly out at the viewer with her yellow lions eyes. if her eyes were sounds, they would be echos. Echos of light, shining out into the midst of nothing. It's an old light, and there's not much of it, but it's enough to see by.
~Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood
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First post - Hope this works! [Dec. 14th, 2004|07:12 pm]
Mary On A Half Shell


This is hanging in my guest room. Enjoy!
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